Volvo 740 Turbo

Picture of the car at Kjula
Photo by Henrik Lindberg at Kjula 2019

Technical details

Brand: Volvo 740

Class: 4to6 Pro, 4to6, Pro Street(EDRS), Pro Street

Built in: 2015

Chassis: 25.4

Fuel: Methanol

Motor: Volvo 16V

Volume: 2.3 L

Block: Volvo B230FK

Heads: Volvo 16V

Pistons: Ross

Gearbox: Liberty

Best Elapsed Times

201m track     402m track

Time slip
Time slip

Engine picture
Mantorp 2018

Video from Vårgårda

View from inside at Kjula 2021

Picture of K & K
Vårgårda 2019